Hey Love; I'm back with a fresh new look! 

Flower wall:  Lux Design I

Flower wall: Lux Design I

Last year I walked away from my blog, and I took a few steps back from my brand to reflect.  I couldn't have chosen a better time. Since then I've made a few changes and for the next few weeks I'm going to share those changes with you - floral designs, tablescapes, canvas art, collaborations and more. Also, be prepared for my awesome holiday deals! (You can't see me but I'm doing mini somersaults here lol)

Have a fabulous weekend loves, and stay tuned.
XOXO Kirby-J

The Secret Garden

Guess what loves! My floral garden pieces are now available on your every-day clothing and accessories. I couldn't be more excited seeing my passion for dots and squiggly lines transformed into this beautiful explosion of color. Explore my collection and contact me for details - on right!

Every artist dips [her] brush in [her] own soul, and paints [her] own nature into [her] pictures
— Henry Ward Beecher

The Recharge Challenge by RTS

Happy Monday loves!

Guess what?! I am participating in my first Instagram challenge, the Recharge Challenge, hosted by The Rising Tide Society.

I'm usually not very good at committing to these type of activities but I figured, as we countdown to the new year, now would be the perfect time to begin reflecting on my creative journey and planning for 2017. It's day 1 and I'm already thanking myself for joining in this mini movement.

As a warm up session, we were asked to research a few inspirational quotes and select one that will keep our business anchored in 2017. I selected one of my favorite scripture verses and it will anchor me in my professional pursuits and in my personal journey.

Let all that you do be done in love
— 1 Corinthians 16:14

If you're following me on Instagram you've gotten the quick 4-1-1 version on why I selected this particular quote and here's the full story!

  1. FEAR
    When I rang in 2016 with a boisterous 'HAPPY NEW YEAR', I was unaware that my year was locked and loaded with the worst kind of ammunition I could think of: FEAR. I celebrated the new year In Market Square, Knoxville, Tennessee. It was a beautiful ball drop and fireworks affair which left me feeling mildly nostalgic and hopeful. Tennessee was my last-stop on my cross-country relocation trip from California to Maryland. Maryland awaited with more uncertainties than I cared to admit, but I approached the new year with a bring-it-on attitude. I wasn't ready (Kevin Hart voice-over lol). My determination and positive vibes were being depleted at a quicker rate than I could restore. What kept me going? My love for community and creativity surpassed my fear.
    In 2017 I will be implementing a few Created to Love initiatives. Yes I know, it's about time! My focus will be on enhancing the well-being of our fellow sisters and strengthening our sense of community. I want us to be more intentional with our expression of love for each other. Stay tuned for the details. 
  3. LOVE
    I love love. It's fuels me.

What about you? Do you have an anchor quote for 2017?