About ME

I am Kirby-JC, a whimsical artisan and an industrial engineer gone rogue. 

ikamCreate began many years ago. I was the go-to girl for my friends’ and family’s celebratory soirees – birthdays, graduations, bridal showers and more. I saw my handmade gifts and decorative accents move people to tears of joy and appreciation. I wished to extend this experience beyond my familiar network and so my brand was born.

ikamCreate was officially established in 2015. The name was the result of brainstorming among friends. The format, lower-case ‘i’ and upper-case ‘C’, is a personal decision, but I love sharing the story; just ask me!

Through ikamCreate I connect with amazing people, like you, who appreciate classic elegance, fine detail and originality. Each ikamCreation is an original, stencil-free artwork inspired by my love affair with flowers, paint, patterns and pretty things. This is my way of inserting love and beauty into the world.

Join me on my creative journey  at Flower Walls & Pretty Little Things as I create a world of elegant whimsy.

Thank you for joining me,